The Problem with Opinions

“Opinions are like assholes…” everyone’s got one and they’re all brown and smell like crap.  Today everyone has an opinion, even the little old lady that stays inside her musty apartment feeding her orgy of cats has an opinion.  But do opinions matter? No, but facts do.  You can deny an opinion; you can argue it until you’re lips are blue and your lungs are bleeding, but you cannot deny facts, we can only interpret them. This is where the problem with opinions lies: our interpretation of facts.

Simply put, how we interpret facts is just another off shoot of opinion. Ex. Someone pulled a trigger and killed someone. The fact is that person killed another person with a gun. the interpretation is anything that answers, why, how, without direct confirmation from the shooter. Because he was mentally unstable, because he was jealous, he was defending himself etc. All of these are interpretations of the fact that someone killed someone with a gun. No one can ever really know factually why, unless we trust the explanation from a shooter, who may or may not lie. This is why we have our peers judge which “interpretation” is more accurate, which is perceived to be more “factual”.

The problem with respecting each other’s opinions is some people don’t have any prerequisite insight necessary to even have a respectable opinion. I wouldn’t take the opinion of an uneducated person on what courses i should take at university, and I of course do not respect their opinion on the topic. Opinions are good for nothing unless we’re using them as motivation to act. If i think guns are bad, that is my opinion, my opinion is only useful if i act on my opinion, ie. join campaigns for more gun laws, or switch it up for abortion laws etc. People think that just by having an opinion they are entitled to being heard. No one cares about your damn opinion unless you’re doing something with it. I voice my opinion all the time, we all do, through our social media, but its really just to send out hooks to see if we have other like minds, they’re not grand gestures but its still acting, its still “amassing like minds” that could lead to dialogue, that could lead to solutions to issues. Creativity stops when we stop thinking.

The problem with everyone voicing their opinion and “amassing like-minds” is that some opinions aren’t as valid as others, or come from as an enlightened place as others, so what it does when you voice it, is it amasses other like minds but those like minds are just as ill-informed as you are so you have a group of people that are just dumb and spewing out their opinions with one another. This is fine because it keeps the idiots being idiots right, but then you throw in current media tactics that further polarizes society, and interprets fact to suit their own agenda and opinions and you have these idiots who actually think they’re right. They receive validation from their respective news sources and all that’s accomplished is just perpetual stubbornness that leads to people being “stuck in their ways”. You have a million sides, a million opinions all amassing like minds to think of possible solutions to life’s greatest issues and dilemmas and they all think they’re right.


~ by guyhamburger on August 2, 2013.

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