ridiculous republicans know how to use Photoshop?


Because they seem to want to bring America back to the social norms of the post Civil War, I would have assumed that educated Republicans and Tea Party quacks would have been too frozen in time like Billy Pilgrim from Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five, but I guess not.

Liberal quips and witticisms aside, I can’t believe what is deemed appropriate by the Conservative party.  Their very ideology is in stark conflict with their outlandish and outrageous criticisms of Obama and social progressive party. Equating him to Hitler, calling him a terrorist because of his name. That alone should deter most intelligent Americans away from a party that totes “upholding American values and keeping America American.” They are easily mislead by anything that is highlights and emphasizes the difference of their demographic, ideology, and opinion. The liberals and independents will do their research and know that this picture is a serious embellishment on Obama’s social policies and values, whereas the educated republicans will not say anything because they are too busy discrediting most media on , and the uneducated Republicans are going to trash me because I am an opponent and they still function on the dinosaur mentality of “anything not me must be defeated and eaten”.

I pray to a God who doesn’t hate gay people, who wishes that his creation would thrive in harmony with one another celebrating equality in worship the of life and not money, who doesn’t encourage war, who doesn’t segregate by faith and religious belief, who looks upon every human being with the same hopeful eyes and sarcastic grin. I pray to him or her or it that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan with the help of Rush Limbaugh, Paul Akin, and maybe Ann Coulter find a secret portal with handwritten directions from Kurt Russel.  And that they successfully operate it and thus transport their group of conservative misfits, to a Middle-earth fantasy landscape where they will undertake the tedious and long journey into the heart of their new planet, to find the One Ring with the hopes of “ruling them all” only to become a troop of golems forever stuck in caverns that smell like Michael Moore’s ass after an all-night McDonald’s bender.


~ by guyhamburger on October 1, 2012.

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