Gay Rights: The Close Minded Crusade of Hypocrites


The crusade against gay rights is the most ridiculous thing since people thinking the moon landing was fake. I don’t understand what place religious belief has in American politics other than complete tolerance and the separation of church and state.

First, shame on the politicians who exclaim their religious beliefs to the public while still in office. A politician should not be able to use religion as an identifying characteristic.  Its unfair to the rest of America and the world that keeps religious faith and all its vernacular excluded from their ideas about liberty and universal acceptance.  All you do is persuade a public opinion using a topic that is not intended to be used.  Its not good speech writing, its cheating.

Second, gay rights, women’s right’s, minority rights. The group changes but the principle of freedom for all stays the same. You never here of any of these bible folk yammering about how the bible portrays women as the household managers.  Childbearing, nursing and never deviating from those roles and as such should not be allowed in male dominated work places today. You never here them acknowledging that slavery, which was mainly a staple in southern America, was against the bible.  I’m certain the benevolent being in the stars never intended the servitude of millions to benefit the white landowners.

And at last, the bible also never spoke of presidents, world trade, medicine, cinema. Times change. We humans evolve and as God made us in his image he too must then evolve. And if he evolves he must realize that his ideas, while good in the Bible, are today outdated. And he hasn’t come downstairs to say hello in a while, so maybe, possibly, perhaps with a little opening of your minds, did you ever think he wants US to figure it out for ourselves?


~ by guyhamburger on July 27, 2012.

One Response to “Gay Rights: The Close Minded Crusade of Hypocrites”

  1. Wholeheartedly agree. Check out my blog, there’s a gay marriage post in the last 10 posts.

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