life is at your fingertips


We look up at the blue sky and see beauty, because from a distance that’s what distance does, it diminishes the little blemishes and they blend into one masterpiece. The mass air traffic is hidden within the clouds, the oncoming storm adds a grey contrast that may not feel nice when you’re pelted in the face with buckets of rain, but has a sort of melancholic dreaminess. But when you look down at the ocean, or at the ground beneath your feet, you find nothing magnificent. A few fallen leaves, and if you’re on a boat at Rockaway beach you might see a severed hand, but nothing you’d paint a picture about. Most people will admire something in the distance before they’ll ever notice the roving ants working on their home, the bee pollinating flower after flower, or the thought-to-be-extinct fish that makes an appearance once every thousand years, or the school of whales hovering just below the surface. Life has a way of making us shortsighted, tunnel visioned, we can all see the finish line, but can you see the road?


~ by guyhamburger on June 27, 2012.

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