Religion Explained to Myself in the Mirror


God is the creator, the king of life, from which all things were made.  More idea than man, it crosses gender boudaries, knowing no limit, it is the figure head one can look up to.

The holy spirit is the individual soul, the cumulative energy that surrounds us all.  Its that thing that tells you your family is doing OK when you are miles away, that gives you the answer to a question your friend was only thinking. It evelopes and touches everything, its the matter in the world. The force Jedis worship.

Jesus is God’s only human son.  Made in God’s image, much like us all, he represents the thought that man can become God-like; pious, altruistic, universal, knowledgeable, wise, expereineced, holy, and for lack of a better word, GOOD.  His immaculate conception and early death serve to further represent just how difficult and nearly impossible, this is.  But the idea expressed, it can be done.

Religion is a dangerous system often twisted and contorted to fit other agendas.  It is a belief in something you may never see, never fully understand, but it is a path to blindly follow knowing that some thing will guide you.

Because you are there, I am there.  We are there, and he and she and they.  We are there.  And IT is everywhere.


~ by guyhamburger on June 19, 2012.

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