“The Innocence Lost to Experience”

On this, their darkest day, my cherry still burns bright.
Alone, I sit anguishing, anticipating night.
Drawing a deep breath, bringing the herbal remedy rushing into my blood.
The effect? Elightnement, the thoughts thirsting in the flood.
Saturated with abstraction, captivated by a caption.
A phrase, a useless momento, a string of words.
What once had no profound meaning,
suddenly hit with significance so substantial my mind misses the moment when clarity is available.

And now, I slip deeper and deeper into this ashtray, slowly but stubbornly, yet somehow I lose strength.
My grip loosens, my mind begins to wander and suddenly, I find myself, staring at a mirror analyzing myself.
The creases in my face, the color of my eyes, the slight unevenness of my part, searching for the soul I declared was not there.
Demanding the higher powers show, himself, herself, ITSELF. But nothing.
And still, my cherry burns brighter, wasting away to nothing but burned paper and plumes of carthonogens

This is the problem all partakers of the chronic endure.
The double edged sword of losing ignorance: the positive is accentuated simultaneously with the rising negativity,
the humor, the mindless chatter that which never seemed to matter, mixes with the senseless and baseles worries and woes our human condition cannot control and learns to accept as “life” unalterable.
It stabs at the mind but encourages imagination,
The verbose and boring, bring smiles, as they become loquacious lullabies, while,
Happy thoughts are replaced by apathy, that are then replaced by happiness
And the cycle continues.

It festers and grows, these thoughts, rephrasing, defining, and redefining, values and core beliefs.
Passion is driven away, the energy and thirst for life, adventure, SEX
the dreaminess and enchanting nature of the unknown is lost to a burning bowl next to a stack of empy EZ Widers.
The Rhythmical flow of life has proven evanescent as it fades away and makes room for the realism.
An AB AB scheme means nothing when confronted with the truth.
Innocence is always lost to experience.


~ by guyhamburger on May 30, 2012.

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