“A Rock in the Sky”

The tides always rise and fall, Sun always rises and falls, the climate always rises and falles, yet the Moon always floats above. Free to be itself by itself content with its surrounding.

It doesn’t get scared when the sun beats its heat bombarding its surface. It will not move out of the way for an asteroid or shatter at the slightest shower of deep space rocks. It never lets the life on the little big brother bother it. It does its own thing.

The moon is the epitomy of “rock”. Stoic and stone faced it does not falter like the leaders of earth. It does not rise like the unemployment rate. It does not dip down below the horizon, hiding behind the loyal lies of the blue sky. Like God it is always there whether seen or unseen.

Oh how I wish to be the Moon, to fly high, among the stars. Not living, laboring to make ends meet, not fighting against odds or outlandish demands from the ones deemed “boss”.
Forever taking shit from no one.


~ by guyhamburger on May 30, 2012.

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